Our sponsors and community partners are key to the continued success of our band programs! The Centerville Band has many opportunities for local businesses to show their support for our program, our schools, and our community.

This year, Centerville Band Boosters are giving our community partners an opportunity to plan out their support over the course of an entire year! Donation tiers have been defined that include combinations of the most common ad placement opportunities. Additional opportunities have also been introduced from displaying a banner in the CHS parking lot, getting your business name added to our halftime script at football games, or even getting your business logo printed on our Summer uniform/ “Tour shirt”.

For more information, check out our Corporate Sponsorship Letter contact our Director of Fundraising at FundraisingCBB@centervilleband.org. Alternately, you are more than welcome to support us based on the individual events and opportunities below:

  • Calendar Ads – advertise in our Centerville High School calendar, which is distributed to almost 3000 households in the Centerville/Washington Township area!

  • Soaring Sounds Program Ads / Sponsorship – advertisements and sponsorships are available for Soaring Sounds, our long running Drum Corps competition.

  • Centerville Invitational Program Ads / Trophy Sponsorship – advertisements are available for the Centerville Invitational Marching Band competition.

  • Trailer Ads – the Centerville Band is the proud owner of a full size tractor trailer! Advertise with us on our traveling billboard!

In addition, many local businesses provide us with donations in food, gift cards, and other items – thank you!!

If you are interested in supporting the Centerville Band, please email FundraisingCBB@centervilleband.org.