Dear Future CHS Band Member and Family –

Welcome to the Centerville High School Band! We are looking forward to having you as a member of this nationally-recognized band program. The Centerville band program's success is due to the hard work and dedication of its students, staff, and band families. In order to continue the high quality that the Centerville Band produces, fundraising is a necessity. The Centerville Band Boosters (CBB) are proud to support all band programs district-wide. As a parent of a band student you are automatically a Centerville Band Booster - welcome to the club! Below are a few upcoming events and fundraisers that we hope you will participate in or volunteer for. Please note all event dates are subject to change due to the ongoing pandemic.

Calendar Ad / Corporate Sponsorship Sale – The band calendar contains ads from many local businesses, merchant coupons, and school information dates. The ad sales start in February and continue into the spring. For more information or to help sell ads for the 2022-2023 band calendar contact Lisa Parish at

Centerville MEPA - March 13, 2022 – Indoor Winter Guard and Winter Percussion contest at CHS (Volunteers needed). Watch your email in early March for volunteer sign-up information.

Jazz Cakes - March 19, 2022 – Middle School and High School Jazz Bands and Jazz Ensembles perform at CHS (Volunteers needed). More information will be shared as soon as it becomes available. Watch your email in early March for volunteer sign-up information.

Spring Flower Sale – Our spring flower sale is one of our most successful fundraisers. Watch for an email with sale details in March. Flowers arrive in late April early May.

A new Centerville Band website will be rolling out soon, and its web address will be communicated to you through the email addresses in your student’s Charms Account. Your student’s Centerville Band Charms account is also a great resource and includes an area for volunteer sign ups as well as a detailed band calendar including fundraising event dates, high school practice schedules, and performance dates. To access the Centerville Band Charms account enter school code: centervilleband (all one word). You can access the volunteer area and the calendar without a student password.

Many of our 8th grade families already receive the CBB Wednesday Weekly (email newsletter). If you are not already receiving the weekly email and want to make sure you don’t miss any important information or deadlines please email Jen Ghrist, at There is no obligation to join the band by joining this email group, just an easy way to stay informed about upcoming info!

Thanks for your support!

Jen Ghrist

Centerville Band Boosters President

Frequently Asked Questions

Many times parents of band students have questions but don't know where to find the answers. Here is a list of some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that may help.

Q. My student is currently in middle school and will be moving up to CHS soon – where should I start??

A. You can visit the Centerville Band website first for an overview of the many opportunities open to your student at CHS. Meetings will be scheduled in the spring for students coming in from 8th grade. You will receive more detailed information and have the opportunity to ask specific questions during these meetings. Detailed documents will be posted on Charms.

Q. My student will be a Rookie in the Centerville Jazz Band – what do I need to know?

A. Please read through the parent information the Band Boosters section and contact the band director for summer band camp dates. All Rookie students will be assigned a veteran as a “rookie buddy” to help them step off on the right foot and answer any questions they may have. We also schedule several Rookie Parent informal information sessions where you get to know other parents and ask questions.

Q. What’s the best way to get to know other parents and “learn the ropes”?

A. Just jump in! The best way to meet fellow parents (i.e., Centerville Band Booster members) is to start volunteering. Remember the Band Boosters support ALL of our Band programs. We have jobs both big and small. To find volunteer opportunities, log into Charms and click on Volunteer Needs. A great way to meet other band parents is to volunteer during band camp, football games, band events and competitions. We also have many parents who work in specific areas of need – chaperones, pit crew and prop construction, uniform alterations and repair, cabinets, and many more. We will even help you get your CDL to drive our trailer to events!

Another useful app to download is the Band App ( at the beginning of the season, the band directors will provide a specific code to link the app to Centerville Jazz Band). Many sections in the band (e.g., clarinets, brass, flutes, etc...) have their own parent chat groups within the Band App.

Q. I’ve heard Marching Band is expensive… are there ways to reduce our fees?

A. We provide MANY fundraising opportunities for our programs with the overall goal being to avoid having fees increase. In any given year our more traditional selling fundraisers like spring flowers, poinsettias, and band calendars will have a portion of the proceeds apply to the overall fee amount. Please don’t let the fees be the reason to avoid marching band! Be sure to discuss with the band director or Booster Treasurer and we will find a way to make things work!

Q. OK, but exactly how important is fundraising?

A. Student Fees cover only 28% of the Centerville Band Booster expenses. To give you an idea, this year without Band Booster Fundraisers, your student’s band fees would have been be approximately $1800! In addition to the fundraisers noted above, the band holds other shows and contests which fund an even bigger part of our expenses. It is EXTREMELY important for all families to volunteer for Soaring Sounds, Centerville Invitational, and MEPA as profits from these shows go into funding all of our band programs.

Q. I have a 5th grader at a Centerville elementary school. How do I find out more about the Middle School bands?

A. Take a look at the Middle School Band page where you can find the contact info for the school’s Band Director and a link to their website.

Q. Where can I go with other questions?

A. Go to Staff Biographies where you will find contact info for our Band Directors. They are happy to answer any questions you might have.