Centerville Jazz Band Registration (2022-23)

6The Centerville Jazz Band (CJB) is Centerville High School's marching band. It has the honor of playing at Centerville High School football games and competes at local, regional and national competitions. It is known for its unique jazzy sound and creative formations. The CJB starts practicing in the summer before the school year begins. In addition to working hard, the students participate in activities during band camp that help them bond with one another and form a strong team.

On this page you will find links to all required registration/documents for members of the CJB. These forms can be filled out and electronically submitted online at any time (due before May 16th)

Band Director and District REQUIRED Forms:

These forms must be printed and signed. Note that some forms require a physician signature. These forms will be turned in WITH A PARENT/GUARDIAN PRESENT on our Turn-In night on May 16th.

  • Request for Release Form - CLICK HERE (Must be submitted one week in advance of the release date)

  • OHSAA Physical Form – CLICK HERE (Needs Physician Signature)

  • Emergency Medical Authorization Form – CLICK HERE

  • Medication Authorization for Field Trips – CLICK HERE (May need Physician Signature)

  • (If Applicable) Emergency Allergy Plan/ Epi-Pen Form – CLICK HERE

  • (If Applicable) Asthma/Inhaler Authorization Form – CLICK HERE

  • Athletic Code of Conduct – CLICK HERE

  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest and Lindsay’s Law Document – CLICK HERE

    • CLICK HERE – Accompanying Video for Lindsay’s Law

  • OH Dept of Health Concussion Form – CLICK HERE