Winter Guard Presents “Oh, My NOLA”

A city known for its rich culture, extravagant festivities, and unique music, despite its history marred with mis-fortune, New Orleans is unlike any other place on earth. The steadfast spirit of this city has proven its ability to return to normalcy following any tragedy.

“You can live in any city in America, but New Orleans is the only city that lives in you.”

The Centerville High School Winter Guard is proud to present their 2019 program, “Oh, My NOLA” — featuring the music of Stevie Nicks, Paul Lenart and Billy Novick, and original compositions by Andrew Markworth.

Under the direction of Jodi Fairbanks, the design staff includes Alex Holland, Tim Fairbanks, Sheldon Apo, and Byron Valentine. Flag, tarp, and graphic design by Greyson Flores, soundtrack design by Andrew Markworth, and costuming by Byron Valentine for FJM. Our technical staff includes Danielle Marquardt, Olivia Small, Greyson Flores, and Kelsey Klawonn.

The Centerville Winter Guard will be competing in the Scholastic Open class locally with the Mid East Perfor-mance Association and the Indiana High School Color Guard Association, and they will be competing nationally at the Indianapolis Regional, the Mid East Power Regional, and Winter Guard International World Championships.

What’s Happening Next?


June 10 – Percussion and Guard Mini-Camp Begins

June 13 – Rookie Parent Meeting/ Q&A 6pm @ CHS

June 13 – Chaperone Training 7:30pm @ CHS

June 26 – Brass & Woodwind Camp Begins

June 29 – Centerville Night at the Ballpark (Cincinnati Reds Game)

July 3 – Parade Practice

July 4 – Americana Parade


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