Rookie Information

There are many helpful links on our website, please check them all. Here are a few things we think you might not find elsewhere. Also please ask anyone anything, band members and parents are friendly and eager to help or send an email to Rookie Liaison. Also visit our FAQ’s for more answers to common questions.

Wednesday Sheets

Perhaps one of the most valuable CJB tools you can use is the Wednesday Sheet. These sheets will give you the schedule for the next 7-14 days, depending on upcoming activities. You can expect to see CJB information, parent information, and some school/band related information. The sheet will list where the kids are supposed to be and when they are supposed to be there. If they need anything special, that is also listed. Wednesday Sheets (as you might imagine) are posted on CHARMS no later than Wednesday.

When picking up your child directly from competitions/events

Parents must fill out a Request for Release form (found on CHARMS) if they plan to take their child home with them from any event. The form should be filled out and given to Mr Barrometti/Mr Baker prior to an event. No one is to take their child from an event without permission from the Director. When it is time to leave with your child, meet the Head Chaperone at the truck and sign them out. Your child must be with you to verify they are leaving with you. Band members are only allowed to get a ride home with their own parents. This process is set up for your child’s safety and to help the entire band leave quickly and seamlessly from every event.

The Northmont Premier

This first performance is a non-competitive event at Northmont High School which is a great opportunity for the directors to receive an early critique of the show. It also gives the kids the opportunity to perform in front of a very appreciative audience.

Tickets will be sold at the gate and generally run around $10. We cheer loudly for our kids and it’s more effective when we are all together. The encouragement from the stands is greatly appreciated from the field. Many parents choose to go together.

Some General Competition FYI

  • We generally compete in two circuits:
    • Mid States Band Association (MSBA) is a regional organization that sponsors competitions generally in the Ohio/Kentucky/Indiana region.  These are smaller competitions at high school stadiums, with admission typically $8-10.  In the past we’ve performed at Kings, Bellbrook, and Mason.
    • Bands of America (BoA) features regional and national competitions (for example we often compete at Dayton Regionals, Indianapolis Super Regionals, and Grand Nationals).  These events are more expensive and cost more in the $20-30 range – and separate admissions must be paid for Prelims, Semi-Finals, and Finals.
  • At MSBA events we will generally perform in the evening (Open Class bands go last).
  • BOA Regionals/Super Regionals – the band will perform in preliminaries Saturday morning/early afternoon then hopefully again Saturday night in finals.
  • The BOA Grand Nationals – Students perform Thursday or Friday, hopefully again on Saturday for Semi-finals and possibly Saturday evening for finals.
  • Hotels for Grand Nationals – downtown hotels are the most convenient and the most expensive. The whole town is a sell-out on Grand Nationals weekend as 90 bands are in the area plus their parents. Many veterans have already booked their hotel. Some book when they are checking out the year before.
  • Bands are generally scheduled on 15 minute intervals.
  • Entrance into bleachers not permitted during performances
  • Concessions will be available
  • Photography permitted, but audio/video recording of performances is usually not allowed (the Northmont Premier may be one of the exceptions)
  • Set cell phones to silent or vibrate
  • Band-related t-shirt/novelty vendors at most events – bring cash as not all are set up for credit cards (BoA events are all set up for credit cards)
  • Encourage every band through cheer and applause

The Annual Spaghetti Dinner

The annual Spaghetti Dinner will be held prior to our departure for The Northmont Premier. The Rookie Families host this dinner as a way to get to know each other. There are planning sessions organized during Band Camp.

Since we are feeding band students and families, we need all hands on deck to organize, prepare, serve, and clean-up. All prep work is done at CHS making this a wonderful opportunity to spend time with some veteran parents – – ask questions – – learn more about competitions – – make new friends – -and just have a great time.

Thursday Run Throughs

Most weeks the band will have a run through of the show so come early and see how far they have progressed! Plan to be at the stadium (if no soccer/football game) at about 8:45.

Additional Information

  • Commitment cards and medical forms are due at Turn In night (May).
  • Fees are due on dessert night (July). No one participates in band camp that hasn’t paid.
  • Band Camp is mandatory.
  • Soaring Sounds – All kids volunteer all day and evening for this event.  We also need lots of parent volunteers to make the day run smoothly.
  • Uniform Fitting day is TBA and individual pictures will be taken that day by Nicholas Studios. Band Members need to bring their MTX shoes for the fitting and also be prepared to sit for their individual picture.
  • The Washington Twp. Firemen’s Ice Cream Social is on a Sunday in August. It is a long-standing band tradition that all the kids volunteer 2 1/2 hour shifts as a service project. It is a show of appreciation from the band to the community for their support of us.
  • Marching Band members receive a P.E. waiver. Students must participate in two “seasons” in order to completely fulfill their P.E. requirement.
  • Your child should have a labeled large water jug, at least 1 gallon, filled with ice and water at every practice. You can fill them at home or leave them in your locker and fill at the school. The band takes frequent water breaks and lots of water is consumed.
  • Sunscreen – have it and use it. Nothing is worse then getting a sunburn right at the beginning of band camp then having to spend many more days in the hot sun with uncomfortable skin.
  • Forms – All forms are on CHARMS.

What’s Happening Next?

Performing Arts Week – May 6-11

May 6 – Original Night 7:30pm, Central Theater

May 7 – Chicago Trip Parent Meeting 7pm, Central Theater

May 8 – Jazz Ensemble Concert 7:30pm, Central Theater

May 9 – 2-Hour Delay

May 10 – Band Concert 7:30pm, PAC

May 11 – Jazz on the Lawn 11:15-1:30pm, Front of CHS

May 11-12 – Jazz Ensemble Trip to Chicago

May 16 – Band Awards Night

May 21 – CJB Turn-In Night 7-9pm, Band Room

May 23 – Seniors Last Day

May 24 – Senior Recognition Assembly 8am, Front Gym

May 26 – Commencement 8pm, Nutter Center

May 27 – NO SCHOOL (Memorial Day)

May 29-31 – HS Exams









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