Centerville Winter Guard 2020 Show Announcement

Pablo Picasso is revered as one of the world’s most famous artists; His distorted masterpieces of the human form have fascinated people for the last century. But who were the muses he painted in this obscure manner? What is the real story behind the phrase, “Picasso and his women”? Centerville Winterguard 2020: “Through the Eyes of Picasso”

Centerville High School’s Winter Guard will be competing in Scholastic Open class locally with the Mid East Performance Association and nationally at the WGI Indianapolis Regional, Mid East Power Regional, and World Championships.

Director: Jodi Fairbanks
Show Design: Alex Holland
Soundtrack Design: Andrew Markworth
Graphic Design: Greyson Flores
Staff: Erin Culver, Tim Fairbanks, Stephanie Furniss, Kelsey Klawonn, Olivia Small, Byron Valentine.


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