Centerville Jazz Band Presents 2017 Program…”Beyond”

As we look through our telescope out into the heavens we see what is
BEYOND our imaginations.

The Centerville Jazz Band is proud to announce their 2017 program, “Beyond”. The show will feature original music by Andrew Markworth, and will also include:

“Giant Steps” by John Coltrane

“Hello” by Adele


“Beyond” by Daft Punk

It is an exploration into the sights and sounds of what is beyond our expectations, inspired by the artistry and musicians that pushed beyond the norms of their genres.


What’s Happening Next?

Nov. 20 – Jazz Ensemble Auditions, 3-6pm

Nov. 22-24 – NO SCHOOL (Thanksgiving Break)

Dec. 2 – CBB Poinsettia Sale 10am-3pm South Commons

Dec. 9 – Barnes & Noble Book Fair – Jazz Ensemble 1 performs 1-3pm – 10% proceeds benefits CBB


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